We remove insects and other pests from a variety of products, warehouses and vehicles in a professional, prompt manner and in accordance with international and Lithuanian horticultural standards. We perform fumigation with phosphine gas (PH3) obtained from aluminium phosphide and magnesium phosphide, which, after filling the isolated space, destroys insects, larvae and eggs in various stages of their development without harming the product or space itself

We offer fumigation services in Lithuania and Poland, and we have partners who can provide such services in the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.



Fumigation of grain, fodder and foodstuffs

In containers, silo towers, warehouses or other premises.

Fumigation of warehouses and granaries

In empty warehouses and granaries.

Fumigation of ships and sea containers in port and during transit

Ships, ship holds and sea containers.

Fumigation of wood

Inside wood and wood products.

Ventilation and deggasing

Vessels, containers and cargo.

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Fumigation of grain, fodder and foodstuffs

Many bulk-stored and transported grain crops and various foodstuffs – such as dried fruit, nuts, and coffee – may contain insects, larvae or eggs that can cause irreparable economic damage. Fumigation of grains and their products by licensed specialists with phosphine gas effectively prevents the spread of pests in containers, silo towers, warehouses or other premises. By applying the gas recirculation method, we ensure efficiency and maintain product quality.

  • Grains
  • Rice
  • Wheat
  • Nuts
  • Dried fruits
  • Animal feed
  • Corn
  • Clothes
  • Wool
  • Paper
  • Wood
  • Dried plants
  • Coffee beans
  • Tobacco
  • Other

Fumigation of warehouses and granaries

Disinsection or fumigation with phosphine gas in empty warehouses and barns prior to harvest helps to prevent damage and possible loss of profit. When preparing for an extermination, it is important to ensure that the warehouses are in good condition so that the pest removal process achieves maximum efficiency. Therefore, our team conducts a thorough site inspection before initiating the fumigation process.

Fumigation of warehouses depends on the goods stored in them and helps maintain their consistent quality. Our experienced professionals guarantee all the precautions necessary for the impermeability of phosphine gas and the safety of the client’s employees. After ensuring the cleaning of the facility from the remains of toxic substances, we issue a certificate that allows the client’s employees to continue working safely in the fumigated premises.

  • Warehouses
  • Towers
  • Elevators
  • Warehouses
  • Towers
  • Elevators
  • Ships
  • Ship holds
  • Port area

Fumigation of ships and sea containers at the port and during transit

Cargo transit is regulated by Lithuanian and international laws, according to which fumigation of ships and sea containers is provided as a necessary condition for ensuring the safety and quality of goods. Our fumigation services meet the standards of the International Maritime Association (IMO) and the international SOLAS convention and help prevent not only economic but also legal damage. At Klaipėda seaport, we professionally and promptly fumigate ships, ship’s holds and sea containers. In order to save the customer time, we start work as soon as the goods are loaded and prepare the goods for fumigation during transit, at the end of which, during the unloading of the goods, the last remaining step is ventilation.

  • Fumigation and disinsection of empty ship’s holds
  • Fumigation of cargo in ship’s holds
  • Fumigation during transit

Fumigation of wood

Wood and wood products are often home to harmful insects. In order to protect the environment of the importing country, it is necessary to stop their spread. One of the most effective methods is fumigation with phosphine gas. Fumigation can be applied at various stages, primarily as a preventive measure against tree pests or as a stoppage of damage to a damaged tree.

Our team of professionals fumigates wood for the construction and decoration of buildings, as well as pallets for transportation of goods, the fumigation of which is regulated in many countries, in accordance with International Phytosanitary Standards. Upon completion of the work, we issue a certificate attesting to the professionally executed fumigation process, which protects the client from possible fines.

  • Wood
  • Wood products
  • Other

Ventilation and deggasing

In order to ensure a high-quality fumigation process, it is necessary to carry out certified ventilation and degassing processes, which can be performed by our experienced specialists using equipment that meets all the requirements. Ventilation and degassing ensure a safe unloading process for all people working in the fumigation area – from the ship’s crew to port workers – and can be performed at the customer’s or fumigation specialist’s premises.

 Our dedicated and flexible team can carry out natural or mechanical ventilation in many unloading ports. If, after checking the gas level on the vessel or container, it becomes clear that degassing is required due to the excessive amount of gas, first of all, it’s essential to take into account the fumigation method used, the type of cargo, the type of gas, the method of loading and other factors that will allow a client to choose a safe place for degassing. After ventilation and degassing, our specialists give clients an official certificate of completed work.

  • Vessels
  • Containers
  • Cargo

Other services

Kenkėjų kontrolė gyventojams

Pest control for residents

In apartments, houses, premises, apartment buildings

Pest control for organisations

HORECA sector, industry, catering and educational institutions

Tunnel for hygiene and disinfection

Sanitary gates, disinfection barriers

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